Milele Foundation


The story begins in 2017 when our founder, Joshua, had an enlightening idea. He noticed numerous organizations in Kampala, Uganda, eager to assist others, but he identified a common deficiency. Joshua aimed to infuse Christian values into community outreach efforts within the city. His vision was to make a meaningful impact, both spiritually and physically, by incorporating Christ-centered approaches.

Since then, our primary focus has been to instil hope within local communities. Numerous individuals, both within Kampala and from around the world, have joined hands with our Ugandan-born organization. Witnessing the divine blessings upon our dedicated endeavours, we continue to strive towards our mission


Mission Statement


Milele’s mission is to transform lives and uplift communities by spreading the message of Christ’s love. We achieve this by collaborating with Ugandan communities to offer assistance through physical labour, healthcare services, and targeted projects. These projects range from installing water systems and repairing buildings to supplying schools with the necessary equipment and enhancing the local environment.

We engage in community outreach through local adult schools and in-school sessions. These efforts focus on sharing the message of Christ’s Love, helping individuals see the potential of the gospel to transform their families and futures

Transforming Lives and Empowering Communities through the Love of Christ

Aims to bring about transformative change by spreading the teachings of Christ’s love, compassion, and values

Board Members

Ssenfuma Charles

Board Chairman

Ken Henderson

Advisory Board Member

Dr Andre Isbell

Advisory Board Member

Allan D. Bunyenyezi

Head Legal/ Board Secretary

Kevin Bwana

Board Member


Ann kobusingye


Kwagala Roy Irene

Chief Financial Officer

Joshua Kisakye

Founder & Team Leader

Nsubuga Ronnie Kizito

Programs Coordinator

Segawa Denis