Empowering Children Through Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship 35$ a month

Sponsoring a child is the most cost-effective way to break the cycle of poverty in Uganda. It goes beyond just meeting a child’s immediate physical needs; it also boosts their self-esteem and actively contributes to improving the lives of children living in poverty

We collaborate with churches, organizations, non-profits, and individuals who are eager to make a positive impact by sponsoring children through the Milele Foundation Uganda. Our sponsorship program enrolls children between the ages of 4 and 10, allowing them to be a part of this initiative

The Benefits Your Sponsored Child Receives from Your Sponsorship

You have the option to sponsor your child in Uganda either on a monthly, termly, or yearly basis. By providing monthly financial support, praying for them, and writing letters, sponsors make a direct and impactful contribution to the lives of children living in extreme poverty in Uganda. Through the Milele Child Sponsorship Program, these children are empowered to access education, school necessities, and meals. This sponsorship provides them with life-changing opportunities that would otherwise be unattainable without an education.


Milele Child Sponsorship provides

Educational Opportunities: Our belief is that education is the key to overcoming illiteracy. By providing education to children from vulnerable families in Uganda, we contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty within Ugandan communities and families.

Recreational Activities: We focus on nurturing self-confidence and social skills through recreational activities. Many underprivileged children come from impoverished backgrounds, lack essential social skills. Through our sponsorship, your supported child gains access to workshops and various recreational activities, including school tours. These experiences play a vital role in teaching important social behaviors.

What does your sponsored child receive?

  • Access to life-changing, children empowerment initiatives, and education programs focused on giving children in Uganda the support and tools they need to be healthy, stay in school, graduate and create a lasting change in their community.
  • Support from our dedicated staff and volunteers who are embedded in the community and committed to helping your child succeed.
  • A personal connection with someone who cares (you!) and the invaluable knowledge that they are special and loved.
  • A chance for a better life to escape chronic poverty.

What should I anticipate as a sponsor?

  • You’ll receive a quick-start guide to child sponsorship, along with additional information about the child you’re sponsoring, including a photo.
  • Expect to receive regular photos and updates about your sponsored child.
  • You’ll also receive letters from your child, with many of them containing hand-drawn pictures.
  • Additionally, you’ll be able to witness the impact of your sponsorship through updates and monthly emails from the sponsorship team.