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Tailor the effects of your contribution to a specific area, thus enabling various communities, children, and women throughout Uganda to actively combat the challenges posed by poverty. Together, we can empower them to drive enduring transformations that make a lasting difference

Sponsoring a Child in Uganda

Are you curious about the reasons to sponsor a child in Uganda through the Milele Foundation? Here’s why it could be a meaningful choice:

  1. Blessings of Giving: Giving with a joyful heart is something that brings blessings. By sponsoring a child, you’re contributing positively to their life.
  2. Learning Opportunity: Sponsoring a child in Uganda offers you a chance to discover more about the country itself. You’ll receive letters from your sponsored child, giving you insights into Uganda’s climate, geography, and physical features.
  3. Impact Beyond the Child: Your sponsorship doesn’t just benefit the child you’re supporting; it also extends to their parents. Your contribution helps them meet school requirements and fulfill everyday needs.
  4. Fighting Poverty: Sponsoring a child is a way to combat poverty in Uganda. Your support enables these children to complete their education, gain empowerment, and be equipped to make positive changes in the world.
  5. Healthcare Assistance: In Uganda, access to medical care can be limited due to cost. Your sponsorship fees can make a significant difference by providing these children with essential medical services, enhancing lives in Uganda
Empowering Children with Disabilities

Ready to make a difference? Sign up now by emailing Your support can have a lasting impact on a child’s life and contribute to positive change in Uganda


Can I Sponsor Multiple Children in Uganda

Certainly, you have the option to sponsor more than one child; you might even consider supporting an entire family depending on your preferences and financial capacity. Through your sponsorship, you will be providing for a child’s education, healthcare, housing, clothing, nourishment, and clean water. Your commitment as a sponsor continues until your sponsored child completes their education and is prepared to enter the workforce. Even after that, you can maintain a meaningful connection with the child or children you’ve supported, offering guidance on navigating the professional world

Are you intrigued? Feel free to visit our sponsorship gallery to view profiles of children who are currently available for sponsorship

Sponsor a Milele Woman Today

As a charity organization in Uganda, our mission involves bringing hope back to vulnerable women. We do this through our Milele School of Community program, which takes place over a period of six months every year. Our primary focus is on identifying the most vulnerable women in the community and providing them with opportunities, such as training in tailoring and other relevant skills.

To support these women on their journey, we offer a sponsorship program that spans the entire six-month duration. The monthly sponsorship amount is $30. Additionally, at the conclusion of the training program, there is a one-time donation of $200. This particular donation serves two important purposes: it contributes towards creating a startup package for the woman you sponsor, and it covers the graduation fees associated with the program.

Milele School of Community
Volunteering in Uganda

Volunteering Opportunities

The Milele Foundation provides various ways for individuals to get involved and make a difference. You can join us on service trips or participate in local volunteer opportunities, both within our outreach efforts and across all our programs. Additionally, we’re seeking individuals who are interested in contributing their time, either at our office or remotely. Tasks range from web design to administrative duties. Your involvement can take many forms, and we welcome your commitment to our cause