Empowering Children with Disabiities

Every child in Uganda deserves the chance to fulfill their potential, regardless of their abilities. We all share the goal of ensuring our children are safe, happy, and healthy. This applies to children with disabilities as much as those without. The Milele Foundation Uganda has taken the initiative to support a local school for physically handicapped children in the community. Our efforts involve organizing educational sessions within the school

One out of every 20 children aged 14 or younger, amongst the 93 million kids around the world, are living with a moderate or severe disability of some kind. These disabilities include speech, eyesight, or movement, and are usually caused by communicable diseases, congenital abnormalities, and even injuries.

We have made enormous progress in addressing the needs of children with disabilities through providing programs that will help children with disabilities become aware of their potential and fulfilling their dreams.

We are thrilled to partner with Victoria Hospital to provide free surgical care to kids in our partner communities who may need surgery due to a disability or illness. In this program, we assess the necessity of surgery as well as the potential for improvement of quality of life. Some children will be able to participate in this life-saving and life-changing program

Empowering Children with Disabilities

Most expenses are taken care of through our partnership with Victoria Hospital. However, certain after-care expenses won’t be included, like wheelchairs, rehab, and long-term medication. Families will be responsible for these costs. If you’re interested in supporting a child’s aftercare with a one-time donation, reach out to us. We’ll review your budget and connect you with someone you can assist

How empowering disabled children can help eradicate poverty in Uganda

A disabled child is a child whose physical and mental health is not normal and they always have issues relating to intellectual, hearing, visual, speaking impairments to mention but a few. These children are in most cases looked at as less productive to the communities they live in.

Milele Foundation Uganda is here to change each and everyone’s mindset that disabled children can be empowered and change the story of these children. This can help eradicate poverty in Uganda through the empowerment of the disabled children and helping parents and educating them on how to handle such children.

Empowerment simply means extending a helping hand to those who are not in position to support themselves. This can be in form of finances, skills, education or even through sensitization that will help them change their lives and their standards of living hence living better lives.

Disabled children in Uganda can be empowered in communities through sponsorships and sensitizations , and as a charity organization we have embarked onto identifying sponsors who can sponsor these children and running sensitizations through our workshops with our partner school

  • Through our dialogues and workshops, we have empowered disabled children in Uganda, They gain the skills like business skills that they put into practice by joining the business sector and in the end start earning large amounts of money that help them make their lives better as they can now even take care of their parents hence helping in eradicating poverty in Uganda.
  • Through disabled children’s empowerment, these children are able to acquire knowledge of how the world moves its challenges and how they are being solved. These very children can start participating in decision-making either at the family level or beyond which cause a great impact on the environment and Uganda as a whole hence helping to eradicate poverty in Uganda. We are able to achieve this because we help them gain confidence and build self-esteem.
  • Through our empowering conversations with handicapped children, they gain the confidence to assert their rights on par with anyone else. This has led some of them to engage in various fields, even in politics, becoming advocates for their communities and contributing to societal change.

How can one volunteer with disabled children program in Uganda

volunteer with disabled children program

Milele Foundation Uganda creates opportunity for volunteers to work towards making our work move smoothly. The following are the ways in which you can volunteer with the disabled children program in Uganda with the MFU

  • Raise awareness towards raising wheelchairs and other supportive tools that we can donate to children to help them with their movements.
  • Volunteer as a facilitator during our workshops and as well you can also volunteer during therapies with our partner school.
  • Through the provision of scholarships to support disabled children in schools whose parents are not in a position to raise their school fees.
  • Donates towards the end-of-month birthday celebrations for the children