What We do

“Milele” represents a Swahili term signifying “Forever.” We proudly identify ourselves as the Forever Foundation Uganda.

Presently, Milele is diligently directing its efforts towards five pivotal programs, all of which aim to establish enduring positive effects within our neighboring communities. Our aspiration is for these effects to stand the test of time – an embodiment of the very essence of “milele.” We extend a sincere invitation to you, urging your involvement in our noble endeavor.

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Vulnerable Women Empowerment

Women in Uganda have had a secondary status in society in comparison to men. This makes women more vulnerable in the communities of Uganda. We have identified the challenges and problems in Uganda communities affecting women in the Uganda bleeding communities like slums. We have established programs aiming at building self-reliant communities of hope. We have built a network of women equipping them to lead the transformation of their communities.

Supporting Orphans & Vulnerable Children
Commitment to Support and Care

Supporting Orphans & Vulnerable Children

We establish communication with educational institutions across Uganda that cater to the needs of vulnerable children and orphans. Through this outreach, our objective is to identify the most pressing requirements of these institutions. Subsequently, we engage in collaborative efforts with school administrations and local communities to address these needs effectively. Such initiatives may involve various projects such as the refurbishment of kitchen facilities, installation of sanitary amenities, provision of new furniture, and other similar endeavors.

Child Sponsorship

Child sponsorship represents a highly cost-effective strategy for disrupting the cycle of poverty in Uganda. This approach not only attends to the immediate physical requirements of a child but also fosters the development of their self-esteem, while making a significant contribution to the welfare of children living in impoverished conditions. Our collaborative efforts encompass partnerships with churches, organizations, non-profit entities, and individuals who possess the willingness to make a positive impact by sponsoring one or more children through the Milele Foundation Uganda.

Child Sponsorship in Uganda
Enhancing Youth Opportunities
Volunteering in Uganda
Participating in Volunteer Activities

Volunteering in Uganda

Milele Foundation is offering volunteering opportunities in Uganda to Kampala or neighboring communities. If you are interested in bringing a team, we would love to host you! Teams of 8 to 15 people are welcome to apply for upcoming trips. Generally, teams will partner with us at schools to complete service projects, spend time with children, experience Ugandan life and culture, and take a safari or other tour (depending on budget). If you do not have a team of 8 or more people, we can try to partner you up with other smaller groups

Handicapped Children Empowerment

Regardless of ability, we believe all children in Uganda have a right to reach their full potential. We all want to keep our children safe and secure and help them to be happy and healthy. Preventing injuries and harm is not very different for children with disabilities compared to children without disabilities. However, Milele Foundation Uganda , has identified a local school for the physically handicapped children in the local community. We run outreaches within the school where we help the children with the right information and learning about the kinds of risks children might face at different ages that is often not easy for parents of children with disabilities in Uganda to find

Empowerment of Children with Disabilities
Empowerment of Children with Disabilities
Trainings and Workshops

Milele Hub

At Milele Hub, we’ve established a dedicated space for startups, and we’re deeply committed to mentoring aspiring young leaders with big dreams. Our focus involves conducting training sessions and workshops to equip young individuals with the skills needed to succeed in the marketplace.

Our organization’s primary goal is to empower the youth within Ugandan communities by providing them with a platform to develop innovative ideas and devise solutions to the challenges they face. This initiative extends beyond just the youth; it also benefits children by teaching them fundamental computer skills.