Empowering the youth in the Uganda communities
Space for start ups

Milele Hub

Milele Hub, we created space for start-ups, we are passionate about mentoring young leaders who have dreams. We run trainings and workshops preparing the young people to excel in the market place

Our organization’s primary goal is to empower the youth within Ugandan communities by providing them with a platform to develop innovative ideas and devise solutions to the challenges they face. This initiative extends beyond just the youth; it also benefits children by teaching them fundamental computer skills.

Benefits of The HUB To The Community

There is a challenge in Uganda where young people in communities are seeking internship opportunities. We collaborate with various professionals who can serve as mentors to these young individuals, providing them with knowledge and guidance. Through this initiative, young people from these communities not only secure internship placements but also have the chance to turn their innovative ideas into reality.

In order to create a conducive environment for startups, many young people from vulnerable communities in Uganda have great ideas and dreams of starting projects and careers. However, they face limitations such as lack of access to capital and a suitable workspace with internet and computers. With the help of our partners, we have acquired laptops that these young entrepreneurs can use to kickstart their small businesses, bringing about positive change and breaking the cycle of poverty. We continue to support these aspiring entrepreneurs until they are capable of expanding their ventures.

Furthermore, we aim to foster opportunities and networking among youth who share different ideas within the same working space known as the Milele Hub. This hub serves as a one-stop centre where diverse young individuals, each with unique knowledge, experience, and expertise, can come together. This setup encourages collaboration, idea transformation, and problem-solving within Ugandan communities, ultimately leading to long-lasting positive impacts.

Moreover, the working space at Milele Hub is utilized for running mentorship programs to nurture young leaders and entrepreneurs. This initiative plays a crucial role in empowering the youth and preparing them for future success

Milele Community Hub