Akello Jessica

Location: Suubi, Uganda  Birthday: 23-May-2011

Meet Jessica had a tough start to life. Her mother struggled to provide for her and the rest of the family, and they would often go to bed hungry. A few years ago, Angel came to Watoto with her brother Jeremiah and their mother, who serves as one of the Watoto Mothers in one of our Watoto villages. Together with 6 other children who were once vulnerable, they are a family that her mother is caring for in a beautiful Watoto home.

Jessica enjoys the warmth and security of her home in Watoto, alongside her Watoto brothers and sisters with whom she has bonded. She says she loves her family and is always willing to help her Mama with doing house chores, especially cooking, and cleaning the house. She dreams of becoming a lawyer so that she can be a voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves. White is her favourite colour and reading story books is what takes most of her free time.

A group of caring adults at Watoto church are on hand to advise and guide Angel in several areas of life. Angel loves to sing and is a worship leader in Children’s church. Thank you for your financial support, which is enabling Watoto to give Angel a brighter future.